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Real-time preview on left and right screens is possible. It also supports code highlights, pictograms, annotations (footnotes), task lists, and HTML codes by Bootstrap for each language.

Simple asset management

To upload a file, simply drop it on the editor. 4 kinds of storages are supported that local File System, AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage and MongoDB GridFS.

Powerful, easy to use and secure diagramming

You can easily draw a variety of charts with draw.io integration. (v3.7.0 or later)
Charts can be created and edited intuitively on the diagrams.net (formerly draw.io) editing window by pressing the draw.io button shown in the edit page.

3 types of keymap

Supports Vim/Emacs/Sublime Text keymaps. You can input comfortably from a browser.


Emojis by EmojiOne v3 will color your document expressively. As an input support function, an autocomplete window is displayed by starting input from :.


You can change the theme of the site and the theme of the code highlight from the management screen.
Several types of light and dark themes are available for each.

Customize for your team

In addition to selecting behavior and layout from two types, Markdown rendering settings can be changed from the management screen. Flexible settings can be set according to how the team is used.

Fast full text search

Incremental search of page titles using ElasticSearch and full text search of page contents are possible. Friendly to Japanese users, alphanumeric characters can be hit in either half-width or half-width.

Authentication and group management

It uses an authentication mechanism based on Passport , and supports login using SAML, LDAP and OAuth providers (GitHub/Twitter/Google).
In addition, access control for each group is implemented, it provides more flexible page management.

Public Wiki

Public Wiki can also be published by allowing guest users to view.

Activating communication with the comment feature.

Comments can be threaded for each page. Of course, comments can also be written/previewed by Markdown and attached to files.
(Slack notification when adding comments will be supported soon

『Markdown × Wiki × Free』

Make Knowledge Sharing More Friendly and Simply

GROWI.cloud is a cloud service that makes it easy to start GROWI

Get Started GROWI.cloud

GROWI is open source software developed by WESEEK, Inc. and released under the MIT license.

We are looking for contributors who can help with development and interns who want to develop.
First join Slack and feel free to talk to the WESEEK members.

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