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This tool for sharing munual,
business proposal and simultaneous editing minutes in real time.
it supports comfortable information sharing and work efficiency within the team.

Starting GROWI


Open Source GROWI


Docker Image Pulls is open software developed by GROWI, Inc.
And released under MIT license.



We are accepting questions, request and report of bug on our GItHub or Slack.

Functions and Features

Features-rich Support smooth information sharing within the company and team Share some of useful Features in GROWI.
The Features Details can get from GROWI Docs/Features introduction.

Markdown support

It is easy to fill in a paragraph, headline and bullet point Also, supporting rich text editors, Programming language per code, highlight and Emoji, annotation, To-Dolist, formula, UML, Bootstrap(HTML).

Create Diagram
Create Diagram

Integrate with, it can create diagrams easily on Diagram can use to share information effectively that is difficult to express in writing.

Tag and Full-text search

It can search Full-text include the title of the uploaded file.The alphanumeric can be searched with either full-width or half-width characters.

Collaborative Editor
Simultaneous multi-user edits

A single page can be edited by multi users simultaneously. It'll be useful when compiling minutes of Meeting. Furthermore, it can automatically save edits and allow viewing of past revisions.

Highly customizable

It allows users to select themes and layouts, and offers customization of the sidebar, which is rare compared to other services. Flexible settings are available to match the usage of your team.

Group Management
Group Management

It is possible to grant administrator privileges to specific users and to set viewing permissions for pages by user groups.

Comment Features
Comment Features

It is possible to display comments in a threaded format for each page on the website. Comments can be written in Markdown format, previewed, and files can also be attached.

Powerful authentication mechanism

Our system implements an authentication mechanism using Passport, and supports single sigh-on(SSO) using SAML, LDAP authentication, and login through GitHub/Twitter/Google OAuth provider.

Assets management
Asset management as simple

We can upload files simply by dropping them into the editing screen. The system supports storage on one of four types: local FS, AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, MongoDB GridFS.

Merit of introduction

Merit of management

Able to manage information and knowledge in one place

GROWI allows you to easily manage and share information and knowledge by consolidating business-related information in one place.

Get the infomation

Get the information what you want quickly

By utilizing the search features, it is possible to easily find the desired information. This helps prevent personalization of tasks and creates a more collaborative working environment for the team.

Merit for team

Leveraging individual knowledge for team growth

The knowledge,skills, and experience that individuals gain from their work are essential assets for growth of organizations and teams. By sharing, storing, and using this knowledge, organizations can develop even further.

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